If you’re pregnant, you likely have a million questions right now. Believe me, I understand.
I had four beautiful children in five years. (You read that right!) Each of their births was beautiful in its own way. But like so many moms, I found myself leaning heavily on doctors to guide me through the process.
It wasn’t until my fourth pregnancy that I felt confident enough to take the reins. Determined to have a different experience, I chose to work with a midwife. And having that encourager and advocate by my side changed everything. She reminded me that my body was made to bring new life into the world.
And with her reassuring presence in the delivery room, I was able to have my fourth child naturally.
What she did for me that day inspired me to become a doula and give other women that same valuable experience. To serve as their encourager and advocate, reminding them that their birth experience is entirely up to them.
As a Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula (and soon to be Certified Childbirth Educator), I want to empower the women of St. Louis throughout their pregnancies, births and postpartum journeys.
So whether you plan to have your child in a hospital or at home, with medication or without—or even if you’re grieving the loss of a pregnancy—I’m here to support you, be your experienced voice of reason and advocate every step of the way.




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