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Hello friend, I’m Lauren, an ordinary mom with an extraordinary calling to support women through some of the most significant moments of their lives.

I enjoy painting, art, home decorating and spending time with my family–my husband and our four beautiful children. I love to travel and believe it helps heal and feed the soul.

I believe that birth is a miracle and the most beautiful thing that one can witness!

My first three birth experiences were very medicalized. For my first, I was induced and wasn’t “allowed” to leave my bed, so I chose an epidural and my baby needed a vacuum assist. I didn’t feel like I had a voice to advocate for my needs and wishes. With my second, I made it all the way to 8cm before I was convinced to get another epidural. Having an epidural left me feeling second-rate, and those feelings overshadowed the entire experience. Our third baby was a chunk at 9 lbs. 3 oz. and got stuck as he descended. Once again, I wasn’t “allowed” to get out of bed and move about. As an alternative, we used a magic peanut ball and this did the trick! Within 20 minutes, I was pushing. The nurses tried insisting that I stop pushing (as if I could control it!) because the OB hadn’t arrived, but there was no stopping him coming into the world. I felt empowered birthing such a big baby!

My fourth birth was worlds different. I had a midwife who believed in me and was present the entire time. I felt safe, secure, and powerful! And while I didn’t have a doula, my husband was every bit the partner I needed and such a wonderful help. I chose to birth naturally without pain medications, even though I had been induced. That birth high I experienced after achieving my natural birth after trying so many times was incredible! I felt like I had finally accomplished my one goal in life.

I experienced the pure joy that comes from giving birth to your child, and I believe accountability is what built that trust with my birth team.

My primary goal as a doula is to offer moms that same security that I had as they birth their babies.

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My go-to coffee order:

White Raspberry Mocha

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