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Birth Doula Support

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A calm, quiet voice and a shoulder to lean on as you birth your baby.

I hold space, offering affirmations, continuous emotional, informational and physical support (all about those hip squeezes, counter pressure, and massage!), a sounding board, and an encouraging word at just the right moment. I’m your partner’s doula as well as yours. Relieving them when they’re exhausted and coaching them on how to best support you.

It creates such a powerful impact on me every time I witness the strength and resilience that radiates from a mother as her baby crowns. And then that flood of joy as she pulls her baby to her chest!

Gah! There’s nothing like it.

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The Benefits of Continuous Birth Doula Support


Increase in the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth


Decrease in the risk of Cesarean delivery


Decrease in baby's risk of low 5 minute APGAR score

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From the first time we met Lauren we have been nothing short of comfortable. She was accommodating and empathetic towards our birth plan...She will be at every birth I have after this baby and we are so lucky to have found her services.

– Jerrica

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