All pregnancies are different, with each experience being special and unique in its own way. That’s why I work with you to customize my support services, always striving to meet your needs and expectations. I invite you to view the services I offer below, and get in touch with me to schedule an initial meeting.​


Prenatal Visit #1 (25-30 weeks)

Here we will discuss your birth plan, concerns, expectations & when to call

Prenatal Visit #2 (32-38 weeks)

Here we will discuss labor/birth, pain relief, breastfeeding & postpartum 

Labor & Delivery

I will be on call 24/7 two weeks prior to your due date up until two weeks after. This also includes 24/7 phone or text support. Once you are in labor, I will remain with you and your birth partner through delivery and 1 hour postpartum to capture those special moments. 

Postpartum Visit (within 1 week of birth)

During this visit we will discuss your birth, baby care, breastfeeding & evaluate for postpartum depression.  


Birth Doula Support

Same as Birth Doula Package above.

In home lactation support will be with Chelsea Simpson, CBS, with Healthy Latch Lactation Support.  

Breastfeeding Prenatal Visit

Chelsea will go over the basics and benefits of breastfeeding, what to expect in the early days of breastfeeding, and go over any questions you may have. If you plan on pumping and/or bottle feeding, she can teach you the ins and outs on safe milk storage guidelines and bottle feeding techniques. During your prenatal visit, she can also conduct a quick assessment to determine pumping flange size other breast/nipple shape related matters. Since all visits are in the comfort of your own home, she is also happy to help you create a cozy little nursing spot where you and your newborn can cuddle up and nurture your breastfeeding relationship. 

Breastfeeding Postpartum Visit

During this visit, Chelsea will consult with you on how your breastfeeding has been going so far, and help you with any specific hardships you may be going through. She will do this by going over the breastfeeding parent and baby's backgrounds, performing a maternal assessment & baby's oral anatomy, and a breastfeeding assessment. She will coach you through the session and will provide a care plan following the visit. After the visit, Chelsea will be in touch to see how things are going, and if you need any ongoing assistance, she will schedule a followup visit. 




Let me tell your baby's birth story so you can re-live the joy, witness the strength and celebrate your family's love year after year!



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