Lauren was my doula for my 4th living baby. I so valued having her on my team and would highly recommend her! Every mother should have a doula! She was a sweet and sympathetic and helpful ear as I worked through the joy of a new blessing while still mourning a recent miscarriage. I felt secure and confident as I labored, knowing that she was by my side with her extensive knowledge of the childbirth process and my hopes and wishes for how it would go. I can thank Lauren for encouraging me to leave for the hospital when I wasn't sure it was time. She was familiar with my history and without her, I likely would have given birth at home (unplanned) or in the car! She didn't even sound sleepy when she answered my 3:00 AM phone call (with no heads-up that it might be coming) and she was there applying pressure at just the right places during the birth. Her presence also gave my husband confidence to coach me as well. Her postpartum visit was just what I needed. I would highly recommend Lauren - I think it is also helpful that she has multiple children of her own and has experienced several different types of births herself. She is kind, knowledgeable, experienced, thoughtful, helpful, and understanding.



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